March 20th, 2018

I've not been completely idle since my last post... I've created another three levels to take the total to 26 currently! I've also created the background and graphics for the NEW "Sand Dune" levels!! I may not put the "Sand Dune" levels in to the game at launch as that will require me to design another ten levels before I can launch the game. I will add them soon after launch if that's the case though. :)

Finally, I have changed the control settings a little. Firstly, all skill levels are now around 20% faster than their previous versions. Secondly, I have added a rotation variable to the movement code, that lets me increase rotation for the player as skill level increases. Currently, skill level 1 is slightly faster than the default skill levels of previous versions of the game. Rotation increases per skill level, with skill 5 being about 80% faster than previous versions of the game!

I will post a new demo soon - as I will need feedback from fans of the game to see if the controls are okay, or if they need dialing back a bit. :)