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Nest Lander Eggward's Adventures Banner

Dev:  Ian Gogay/ Clockwork Hippo Games

Location: Norfolk, UK

Release date: 26 May 2018

Platform:  Windows

Launch Price: $3.49

Link to zipped press pack file here


Nest Lander - Eggward's Adventures, is a pixel art, retro style arcade game, with an enhanced Lunar Lander style mechanic.  The game is probably unlike anything you have played before.

Help Eggward to fly from nest to nest.  Collect eggs for bonus points.  Complete levels before the timer runs out for extra bonus points.  Don't let the cutesy style fool you.  Due to the flying physics, this is a game requiring real arcade skills, especially at the higher skill levels.

Five skill levels cater for Super Casual gamers to Arcade Gods and everyone in between.

Nest Lander - Eggward's Adventures! Logo
Clockwork Hippo Games Logo
Nest Lander - Eggward's Adventures! Level 1
Nest Lander - Eggward's Adventures! Level 13
Nest Lander - Eggward's Adventures! Level 22
Nest Lander - Eggward's Adventures! Level 233
Nest Lander - Eggward's Adventures! Level 28
Nest Lander - Eggward's Adventures! How To Land on a Nest


"Your game is fun man! It is unique."

"I totally love the physics."
"Just tried your game.  I like it.  I think you did a great job with the animation, sound and music."
"Played the game (demo), it was a fun concept, loved it.  Wish there was more to it. Continue the work!"
"Hahaha, this is great.. Makes me nostalgic for Joust!"
"Game is fun.  I raged a bit until I got the hang of it."
"Very enjoyable, and yet rage inducing. Good balance"
"Pretty neat, I like it!"
"Awesome game."


Ian Gogay is an ex Commodore 64 pixel artist best known for his work on "Warhawk" the 1986 Firebird vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up he created with Michael “Flash” Ware and Andrew Betts. He decided to start Clockwork Hippo Games to bring back the challenge of 80's retro style arcade games.


Ian Gogay: Coding and Pixel art Graphics.
Jay Man All in game music.
@Aono Zan: Title screen picture and Game Completed Picture.



Permission is granted, for members of the press/gaming community, to create video content and/or screenshots of the game and to use the contents of this press kit, for commercial or non commercial use at their own risk.

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